Concept Profile: Buick Riviera

The Buick Riviera Concept – Definitely not your grandpa’s car

Buick Riviera Concept

The Buick Riviera is no doubt a large improvement on the century-old, well-established brand. This is because it combines a number of amazing features in the new package. For example, this Buick promises the combination of electric propulsions and classy aesthetics as well as great technological milestones. The Buick Riviera may be the vehicle the propels the American brand to new heights.

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The elegant design of this water will remind you of the features of water; waterfall grille. Moreover, you will fathom the peaceful serenity of being beside a water body with the outward impression you get of the vehicle. When you stare at the car, you get the arrogant, yet modest swagger it can display on the road; you definitely would resist jumping in and letting her prove her worth.

The day-time running lights will steal the show at any time; they have a remarkable wing shape. As for the technology of the vehicle, it definitely has a lot going for it. For starters, it will spot the Buick Intelligence Performance which will be characterised by the wireless PHEV approach towards its propulsion. You have the chance to enjoy the privilege of driving in electric mode; you will completely savour they hybrid side to this car as well.

Charging the vehicle offers you two options; in the traditional way of using a cable or the wireless technology that makes use of the Buick Riviera’s chassis. For even more comfort, onboard wi-fi makes it’s way into the cabin.

Buick Riviera Concept Buick Riviera Concept Buick Riviera Concept Buick Riviera Concept


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