Detroit Cargo Tool Bag: A Product with Soul

It’s good to know you’ve got the right tools when you need them. Yeah, obviously. One sure way is with this beautifully crafted leather tool bag by Detroit Cargo. The bag features twin leather straps located on the back; this convenient feature allows you to mount it onto the front or back of your bike. Made by hand in Detroit from American made materials, each one comes with a 10 year warranty – a feature that you don’t see every day with most motorcycle products on the market. If you have a vintage motorcycle that you want to continue to tweak and fix on a regular basis this is the bag you just might want to keep nearby and with all the right tools in one place.

Plus, it’s always good buy gear from brands backed by people who are passionate and care about the products their pumping out. Detroit Cargo was founded by two friends who made a living designing and importing mass production goods for more than 20 years. They realized the overseas stuff just didn’t have soul — sure, it helped with the margins. But what good is a product like this tool bag if it’s got no essence. Detroit Cargo, we’re onboard with you.

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Detroit Cargo Tool Bag

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