ICON Airframe Statistic Motorcycle Helmet

ICON is a leader in the motorcycle gear industry.  With world-class engineering, ICON has developed the Airframe Statistic motorcycle helmet.  Composed of a composite containing Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Dyneema and having the feature of a dual shock EPS liner, made to absorb as much energy as possible, this helmet provides a rider with a great deal of security.

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The helmet is finished in a beautiful black and is fitted with a revolutionary new ICON Prosheild.  This shield can be tinted to your specifications and has stay lock technology, which keeps it securely in place, no matter what your speed. There are custom plates for more graphics available.

The Proshield also has technology that does not allow for condensation from your breath or sweat to fog over your view. The Airframe is also one of the most well ventilated, breathable helmets on the market, complete with HydraDry Moisture Wick that keeps moisture locked in. One of these ultra-safe and beautifully engineered helmets will cost you in the neighborhood of $400.

ICON-Airframe-Statistic-Motorcycle-Helmet rear view

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