The Mowie Helmet by Diesel

diesel-mowie-helmet blackIf you’re a scooter rider, chances are you’re not going for badass when it comes to helmet selection, but you may not want something that looks goofy or wimpy, either. Enter the Mowie Helmet by Diesel: the perfect blend of unique style and performance that uses a variety of colors and two finishes to complement every look perfectly.

The flip down half visor blocks UV rays and keeps debris out of your eyes and is designed for best use at the lower city street speeds. Leather accents are completely Italian and dyed to match the perfect paint job on the resin exterior, and the huge, silver Diesel logo on the back will no-doubt leave an impression. This helmet runs the gamut from quirky to sophisticated depending on whether you choose bright shiny yellow or smooth matte black. No matter what your angle, you can find a Mowie that will feel good, fit, and be totally you at the same time. Its $242 price tag is by no means inexpensive, but it won’t break the bank, either…a small price to pay for top of the line safety and construction. The paddings are completely washable, too, to keep you in top form at all times.

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Mowie-Helmet-Diesel whiteMowie-Helmet-Diesel white

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