Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

The Roof Boxer V8 Helmet is derived from the stealthy Roof Boxer Helmets. It is as unique as the original was, first introduced in 1995 as the first ever Dual-Homologated Helmet with it’s full rotating Flip-up Visor. The Boxer V8 is as quirky and unique as they come.

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roof-boxer-v8-helmetOverview of the Roof Boxer V8 Helmet

Released in 1995

A Radical Design

While other Dual-Homologated Helmets have been created since 1995 when the Roof Boxer V8 Helmet came out, there is nothing quite like the Roof Boxer.

Is not for everyone but is for most anyone.

Is the Improved Design of the original Roof Boxer; it has a full rotating Flip-up Visor that allows for the fit to stay the same.

Roof Boxer V8 Top Vent – Works Better than Expected

Roof Boxer V8 Chin Vent – Provides Great Air Flow

Roof Boxer V8 Rear Vent – Is part of the Venturi System on the top of the helmet and works very well

The helmet meets the ECE 22-05 safety standard only and Roof helmets are sold in Europe only.

The Look and Quality

Both the paint and graphics on the Boxer helmets have always been rather good. However, the graphics and color pattern on the Roof Boxer V8 is simply amazing. The colors are bold, bright, and really make a statement against the bold black semi-matte finish that can be seen from every angle.

The application of the paint is flawless, making the boxer family of helmets the family you wish to have in your biking gear. While there is not much to the V8 in terms of moving parts; all parts work well. It is a solid piece of equipment that gives a stable feeling overall and better than what is remembered of the original Boxer or the Boxer V.

The rotating Flip-up Visor on the Boxer V8 is a manual device that has no strings or a front latch system; this add to the strong and stable feel of the helmet’s shell. While there are some details that leave more to be desired, the overall look and feel as well as quality of the V8 is quite spectacular.

The Fit, Shape, and Liner

There has been little to no change made to the internal shape of the helmet. The size is not as true to size as some would like; it tends to run small. If you should want something that fits true to size, we do not recommend this helmet for you.

The Liner of the V8 feels like the original lining of the Boxer and the Boxer V but now it is removable. The helmet is lightly padded with very soft and comfortable fabric. The helmet’s shell is as minimal as any helmet can come.

This helmet is different but it revels in the differences that make it The Roof Boxer V8. It may not be a helmet for everyone but it is a helmet for most anyone. The basic design has proven to be very popular with motorcycle riders all around the world and back again.

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