Bare Bones & Badass: The 2014 Catherham Seven 250R Kamui Edition

The 2014 Catherham Seven 250R honours F1 driver with special edition ride

In honour of Japanese Formula 1 racecar driver, Kamui Kobayashi, Catherham has introduced its special edition Seven 250R.

Price and specs

This convertible has 120 lb.ft of torque and goes from 0 to 62 in 5.9-seconds, with a top speed of 112 mph.  Costing 6 million Yen or just over $58,800, this one passenger, bare bones car is pretty unique. 123-hp, 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder, Ford Sigma engine gives this car some power, and this rocket of a car itself is narrow and lightweight.

Exterior and interior features

The custom paint job on the exterior is what really makes this special edition different.  With a high gloss black finish and emerald green finished carbon fiber bumpers, this Kamui edition looks extremely elegant.  There is a roll hoop to protect the driver’s head and the passenger seat has been removed and in its place is a tonneau cover.

The inside is adorned with the Kamui logo in both the headrest, of the cushionless seat and in between the gauges on the dash. The Kamui Kobayashi Seven 250R, is a beautiful car, for the racecar driver in all of us.

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The 2014 Catherham Seven 250R Kamui Edition rear view 2014-caterham-seven-250r-kamui-edition-cabin 2014-caterham-seven-250r-kamui-edition-driver-Kamui Kobayashi