2021 MIDNITE EDITION Ford Bronco by Maxlider Brothers Customs

Throwback Bronco with modern tech

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The new 2021 Ford Bronco literally just hit the scene and won’t be available until early 2021 in 2-door or 4-door form, yet tuning shops are wasting zero time ramping up the reimagined SUV — from lift kits and wheel packages to upgraded fenders and light bars. First, Saleen’s ‘Big Oly’ Baja-style Bronco, and now this: the 2021 MIDNITE EDITION Ford Bronco by Maxlider Brothers Customs — the same shop that brought us this quarter-million dollar restored 1966 4-door Bronco packing a whopping 670-hp. Here, the 2021 Midnite Edition pays homage to the 1991 – 1992 “Nite” Edition Ford Bronco, which was essentially an aesthetic upgrade package back then. But the Illinois-based tuning shop is definitely going beyond styling with their rendition, if this mockup image is any indication. Details are slim, but expect a Fox lift kit and BDS suspension; other add-ons we can safely assume include a proper wheel package, roof rack upgrade, front winch, light bars, and of course, the stealthy black paint job. Only think missing? The sweet, post-80’s ‘Nite’ decals in purple above the rear fenders. Maxlider is taking $500 deposits for the Midnite Edition transformation, and they’re an authorized drop-ship location for Ford — so go ahead, order your 2021 Bronco, have it delivered to Illinois, and hold tight for a badass and blacked-out 4-door beast.