Gallery: The Aero E-Racer Motorcycle Prototype

At first glance, you probably wouldn’t guess the Aero E-Racer Motorcycle is indeed an all-electric bike. The result of a one-year collaboration between the popular Italian magazine Inmoto and Aero Motorcycles, the E-Racer made its debut at this year’s EICMA in Milan, and is based on the T-Race rally motorcycle — the first electric motorcycle to hit the dirt in a desert rally. Powered by the Tacita electric motor from the T-Race, the Aero E-Racer puts down around 75-80-hp, weights close to 160 kg, but offers a fairly limited range of 40 miles. Buy hey, we’re sure the range issues will be resolved with time, no doubt.

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Regardless, this scrambler-motard type rally bike has style for days and is a step in the right direction in terms of innovation and progressive thinking. Italian designer Aldo De Giovanni states, “The main idea was to combine the past with the future of motorcycling style. Modern bikes often lose appeal because the design is too far from the real expectations of motorcyclists, as I love classic bikes but also modern ones, I have tried to achieve a transitional design to produce an exclusive product handmade by craftsmen and top Italian suppliers.” Only a prototype for now, there’s a good chance the Aero E-Racer will see production in the coming years. We’ll keep you posted.

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