Audi’s Future of Autonomous Cars Might Look Like the Aicon Concept

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The Audi Aicon Concept takes futuristic cars to a new level

Named for the Audi AI that controls it, the Audi Aicon Concept serves as a design study for the car of the future. The 2+2 vehicle is unencumbered by the need for a steering wheel or pedals, instead giving over to interior screens, wraparound views, and unheard of ergonomics, including seats that move up to 20 inches front-to-back on dedicated platforms.

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Gone are traditional headlights and taillights, replaced with a matrix of hundreds of triangular pixels, which can form “eyes” that follow passers-by and other cars. It’s powered by an electric powertrain capable of 80 mph cruising speeds and with nearly 500 miles of range, and obviously, won’t see the road until all our cars are driving themselves. [via]

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