Beijing-Based Bandit9 Creates the Bishop Concept

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Thank the Honda SuperSport for this Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle

The latest motorbike in a long range of fairly progressive designs from Bandit9 is the Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle. Based on the 125cc Honda SuperSport, this motorcycle is stunning from the ground up. This limited edition Bishop custom bike was designed to be a more refined take on the roadster. Powered by a 90cc-125cc engine, the Bishop is constructed of high-grade aluminum. Teaming up with both a yacht company and guitar expert, Bandit9 designers created a set of high-gloss, waterproof side panels that are available in either walnut, oak or teak burl panels, a custom exhaust, muffler and suspension, an electric starter and brake lights encased in glass along with charcoal grey suede seats.

Some of the other tweaks include:  custom leather seats, custom handlebar, custom headlamp, hi-grade aluminum body, and custom suspension.

Bandit9 plans to produce only 9 of these futuristic concept bikes.


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