Bandit9 Nero MKII Motorcycle: Stripped Down Simple

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Only nine units of the super clean Bandit9 Nero MKII produced. Guess what? You can’t get one.

Interested in becoming one of a very few elite? If you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, consider ponying up the dough for one of nine Bandit9 Nero MKII Motorcycles. With its custom rear cowl, fork, and gas tank, you will be zooming down the road in stunning matte black style that is guaranteed to turn heads. The custom handlebars, foot pegs, subtle curves, and exposed suspension are like nothing you have ever seen on the road.

The overall design feel is stripped-down and simple, but the clean aesthetic of the Nero MKII is surprisingly attractive and strong (think Darth Vader meets Batman in a back alley). With a 750 cc Chang Jiang engine and new Harley Davidson headlights, the Nero MKII is not only a marvel to see but apparently a pleasure to ride. The first of the nine bikes took over 4 months to create, and while it has not made it to the United States yet, there is plenty of American interest. You will have to act quickly to get your hands on one, because 5 of the 9 are already spoken for.



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