Hell or High Water: Lexus Leather Testing Is No Joke

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For some reason, people go bananas over their leather — from their belts to boots to bedrooms. And their cars. Automakers are no exception, taking their pelt appointed interiors just as seriously (what the hell is Corinthian leather?).

Lexus takes this a step further with a witty demonstration and video, putting their leather through hell just to prove how durable and worthy their premium hides are. Enduring 30 extreme treatment tests, each section of every batch of premium leather arriving at Lexus production facilities is tested to the point of destruction.

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In this video, Lexus recreates the journey their hides may take by recreating the challenges it is likely to encounter under varied environments. From exposed open fire and rock sliding to liquid chemical baths and raining french fries, Lexus definitely drives their point home, and proves it with their new LC sports sedan which was recently recognized as offering one of the world’s ten best vehicle interiors by WardsAuto.

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