Maxlider’s stretched-out & stealthy MIDNITE EDITION 6X6 Bronco

Taking the compact SUV to not-so-compact levels for $399,000.

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Coming off the heels of their blacked-out, 4-door 2021 MIDNITE EDITION Ford Bronco, the team at Illinois-based Maxlider Brothers Customs is taking it to another level with this stealthy BRONCO 6X6. While Ford has now released the 4-door Bronco Sport with plans for the burlier, Wrangler-fighting 2-door Bronco arriving later this year, Maxlider is going in the other direction, stretching this compact SUV into a 6-door beast rolling on 6 wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, with a full-size spare for good measure. Overall, details are pretty slim for this project, like what powertrain will propel this 6-legged machine. But from these renderings the company post on their Facebook page, it’s clear how this tuned Bronco will look. Clearly, a raised suspension is in order, coupled with updated fenders, a large roof-rack spanning the SUV’s length paired to off-road lights up front, a bush guard, and bigger bumpers front and rear. The entire thing is covered in black, and based on the MIDNITE stickers, we’re guessing this Bronco is another MIDNITE EDITION. First deliveries are expected sometime in 2022 for a cool $399,000. Meantime, check out these other stellar 6×6 off-roaders including Hennessey’s Chevy Silverado, Rezvani’s pickup, and this hardcore Wrangler