The Pagnol M1 Jacket for on and off the bike

Designed for both riding and simply looking good, the Pagnol M1 Jacket hits the mark.

The Pagnol M1 Jacket will look great on any motorcyclist. It has that rugged, antiqued look about it that says ‘I’m used. I have history.’ Paulo Rosas created an entire new motorcycle apparel brand, just to bring this one jacket into existence. He has a strong background in design and has designed clothing, handbags, and even his own line of racing gear- Speed Machines Design. The jacket design focuses on functionality as well as style, unlike so many other riding jackets on the market today.

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The jacket itself is designed to look great both on and off the bike, but also to provide real protection in the event of a wipe-out. It is constructed with abrasion-resistance in mind and includes one-quarter inch shock absorption padding in the shoulder area, full body/sleeve mesh ventilated lining, and inserts so you can customize your protection. This jacket offers peace of mind and a little bit of luxury to go along with it. The company is planning on coming out with even more jackets in the future and possibly an entire Moto line. The only downside to this jacket is that it is a little on the pricey side of things, especially for being a new brand.

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