The Roland Sands Clash Jacket Pays Homage to Classic 1959 Styling

The New Rocker-Style Clash Jacket by Roland Sands Design

There are few things greater than wearing warm and styling piece of clothing during the wintertime. From what we can see, the Roland Sands Clash Jacket is one of those timeless items that does well against time and the cold. The hand finished leather made of the highest quality, the leather is oiled and made of top grain cowhide with colours that come in both black and a majestic maroon.

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A closer look at the details, this rocker-style jacket is adorned with a shorty snap collar that is offset by a zipper and front zip pockets. The shoulders and lower back of the jacket are highlighted by quilted accents.

The Clash Jacket has an aggressive riding fit with rotated pre-curved sleeves. The back length is dropped and the collar opening is relaxed, while the shoulders and elbows are armor ready. The jacket seeks to provides every man with comfort, protection against the cold, and the highly detailed and quality fit that any great jacket should provide.

Perhaps the styling isn’t for everyone, but for those who can rock it, the Clash jacket is badass nonetheless.

roland-sands-clash-jacket roland-sands-clash-jacket

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