Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection Celebrates BMW Bikes

A collection of helmets recognizing BMW Motorrad’s 90 years of brilliance

Is it possible to be madly in love with a motorcycle helmet? If so, then the Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection could possibly be the affection of your desire. These stunningly beautiful lids come in five different paint schemes and three different styles with varying degrees of coverage, namely the Pavillion, Castel, and Belvedere we’ve all come to know and love.

With a nod to the classic color schemes of BMW models past, there is no doubt that these helmets will garner lots of attention.

From the sexy, subtle Munchen to the glaringly obvious Spandau, all of the Ruby Munich 90s are lovingly crafted to the highest standards. If you can get past drooling over the paint job, you will find that the interior details are just as gorgeous, made of top quality Nappa lambskin in delicious ruby red, chrome accents, and titanium mountings to keep everything in place.

Priced at $1100

At a steep asking price of over $1100 for the Belvedere (which includes three interchangeable visors), you may prefer to display a Ruby Munich 90 on a shelf rather than wearing it on the open road.

On the other hand, with a lid like this, there’s no way that the motorcycle Joneses will be able to keep up with you.

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Ruby-Munich-90-Helmet-Collection -belvedere

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