The Ventra Gear Mainframe Backpack Frame is Designed to Take the Load Off

The first of its kind, the Ventra Gear Mainframe is the only removable breathable frame that can be used on any backpack.

Ending your hike or bike ride with a dry back entails settling for a pack with a vented backpanel that likely lacks other important features. The Ventra Gear Mainframe instead lets you use any backpack you want — or any bag with at least one shoulder strap — by attaching to it using several anchor points. 

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Mainframe is lightweight at about 11 ounces (in a medium) and works with loads of up to 60 lbs, including both larger camping packs with hip belts and smaller daypacks. And since adding or removing a pack takes about a minute, it’s convenient enough to use with several bags through the hotter months. This backpack is priced at US90 – grab one here.


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