Vocier C38 Suitcase for the Nomadic Gentleman

If you never leave home without a suit then the Vocier C38 Suitcase will be your best friend. Aimed at changing the way conventional luggage stores delicate outfits like suits the Vocier C38 can change the life of every business traveller everywhere.

A Patented Design

Made by the German luxury luggage company Vocier, the C38 features a fold-out garment bag complete with Vocier’s patented ‘Zero-Crease System’, which claims to eradicate the need to iron suits or ties after rolling them out. While also providing enough space for your clothes, shoes, and an integrated handle-bag that can carry your phone and paperwork.


Made to Be Tough

Not only is the C38 perfect for carrying your items it also looks good being crafted out of genuine Italian leather with PVD-coated metal components. Never worry about your suitcase getting thrown around while traveling since everything is completely protected thanks to its impact resistant fiber-reinforced BASF plastic.

The perfect carryon and winner of the IF Design Award for 2015 there’s no doubt that the Vocier C38 suitcase is top of the line. Live out of your suitcase in style with the C38. Sells for US$775. Pick one up here.


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