It’s seafaring time. The Zebra Boat from designer Dimitri Bez motors through the water with the elegance of a Chris-Craft, but its criss-crossing slats of solid wood laid on the bias create what is, to me, an even more dramatic and stunning effect for the jealous observer watching a Zebra cruise by from his inflatable kayak.

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Complementing its classic visuals are the Zebra Boat’s ultramodern tech. An electric motor powers the vessel, controlled via an OLED touchscreen dashboard and navigator that doubles as a video screen when you’re anchored in the ocean’s equivalent of Makeout Point.

The Zebra Boat’s roomy interior looks to seat 8 to 10 people, depending on how cozy you want to get on its undulating orange leather seats. [via]

Learn more – Zebra Boat by Dimitri Bez

Zebra Boat Zebra Boat