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Maxlider’s stretched-out & stealthy MIDNITE EDITION 6X6 Bronco

Illinois-based Maxlider Brothers Customs is taking it to another level the stretched-out, 6-door BRONCO 6X6 with all the off-road goods.

The Latest:

STORM is a hybrid-powered amphibious MPV making 2,500-hp

Ukrainian-based Highland Systems unleashes a hybrid-powered multi-purpose tactical vehicle with impressive specs & ballistic protection.

Defender Works V8 Trophy celebrates its expedition legacy with 25 limited models

Paying homage to its off-road roots, Land Rover Classic is making 25 units of the Defender Works V8 Trophy available starting at $270,000.

MoonBike’s powder-shredding electric snow bikes will hit 28 mph

France's MoonBike Motors unveil a pair of electric snow bikes with a 28mph top speed & up to 44 miles of range for some powder-shredding fun.

Top off-road machines we discovered in 2020

You won't find any of these off-road vehicles at the dealership. Here are 14 of the best we uncovered in 2020 - from aftermarket to concepts.

Rezvani’s military grade Hercules 6×6 truck is apocalypse-ready

If you can afford the Rezvani truck's $225,000 price you can buy a new garage pad. Night vision, 1,300-hp, 6-wheel drive gets things started.

Badass Land Rover Defender Van Concept by Designer Samir Sadikhov

With its big knobby wheels, extended wheelbase, and huge roof rack for gear, Samir Sadikhov's Land Rover Defender Van concept needs to happen.

Beast MODE 4×4 is a Sprinter van conversion done right

If you're shopping for a new Sprinter van 4x4 for sale, this ultimate off-road camper by Alabama-based Storyteller Overland may fit the bill.

List of old-school Defenders that put the new model to shame

Let's face it, old Land Rover Defender models put the glossy, new SUV to shame. These classic & customized Defender 110 & 90s once for sale top our list.

Is the future ready for Milen Ivanov’s bonkers Armortruck SUV?

Bulgarian-based designer Milen Ivanov takes the idea of an apocalypse-ready SUV straight into the future with this bonkers Armortruck tactical SUV concept.

Wader 110: The Ultimate Road-Tripping 1995 Defender by Arkonik

With plans to trek from Arizona to Alaska for some fly-fishing, Arknonik built one lucky couple the ultimate 1995 Land Rover Defender, dubbed the Wader 110.