Switch between wheels and threads with Can-Am’s Apache 360 Track System

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ATV treads to overcome the backcountry

Those huge, high-profile ATV wheels will help conquer unforgiving trails of dirt, rock, sand, sporadic water with relative ease. But throw sleet, ice, and snow into the mix and you’re no longer the all-terrain ATV champ anymore.

Expanding the off-season, off-road capabilities of the conventional Can-Am all-terrain vehicles (including recent Renegade and Outlander models), the Can-Am Apache 360 Track System level-ups the game adding four sets of treads that take the place of wheels.

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360 Track Installation

Offering decent clearance to roll over rocks and such, the track’s rubber treads spin over molded wheels so they’re not as rough a ride as one might expect. Toggling between treads and wheels, or the other way around, takes just 20 minutes. So when weather turns quickly, you’ll be prepared.

The Apache 360 Track System adds US$3,690 to the setup. Learn more at Can-Am.

Or check out this video to see the system in action:

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