Jeep Renegade Hard Steel with Matching Trailer

The Jeep Renegade Hard Steel with Matching Trailer Is A Trailer Like No Other

The Geneva International Motor Show has brought a lot of innovative vehicles to the world and the Jeep Renegade Hard Steel is no different. The latest concept from Jeep comes with a trailer that mimics the vehicle itself.

The Renegade: A Group Concept

The Renegade Hard Steel is a concept developed by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, Jeep, Mopar and the FCA Style Centre. Based on the off-road Trailhawk model, the Renegade Hard Steel seperates itself with its innovative metallic finish and ability to be completely customized with Mopar accessories.

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A Trailer Like No Other

Everyone knows how helpful trailers can be but they can also be quite unsightly. Not so with the Jeep Renegade Hard Steel. In the trailer you can find a pop-up display and speaker system that can turn your Jeep into a fully-equipped mobile entertainment center. Designed to mimic the rear of the Renegade Hard Steel the trailer can be outfitted with a pop-up touchscreen display that shows off the vehicle’s Uconnect Live system.

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Completely separating itself from traditional vehicles the Renegade Hard Steel is the perfect choice for those who like to ride hard while being able to carry any gear you need. With talks of a specially coated leather interior the Renegade is the vehicle to beat.

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