Jetpack Speeder Flying Motorcycle

Soars to 15,000 ft if you need it to

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Void of wheels this flying bike is less toy more business

Dubbed as the world’s first flying motorcycle, we’re not sure what to make of the Jetpack Speeder by the US-based company specializing in VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicles. And at $380,000 for the personal version, we’re definitely scratching our heads.

However, this personal transporter isn’t necessary a cool toy, though could you imagine ripping around the burbs in this thing? Jetpack Aviation is about saving lives, producing the world’s smallest, fastest and safest little flyers to get in and out of sticky situations.

Hence, two versions of the Speeder will be made available: Recreation and Military. We’ll take both.

Jetpack Speeder Flying Motorcycle military
The Ultralight Version (UVS) will not require a pilot’s license to operate, while the Military Speeder can either be deployed as individual units or swarmed in multiple units. Photo: Jetpack Aviation

Weighting 231 lbs, the Speeder only requires a car size landing area making it operable from almost anywhere. The company stats only minimal training is needed to pilot this thing, while it will also fly completely autonomous with the ability haul heavy cargo — ideal for moving medical supplies, military gear, groceries from the supermarket, or anything else when time is of the essence.

Hitting a top speed of 150 mph, the Speeder finds power from four jet engines and will soar through the sky at an astounding 15,000 ft. Just make sure you give yourself enough time as endurance is rated at 10 to 22-minutes, with a maximum thrust of 705 lbs.

Check out Jet Aviation to learn more.

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