Sky High: The SkyRunner Launches Riders to New Heights

Part aircraft, part off-road buggy, the SkyRunner is all 007-styles

For a cool $119,000, thrill-seekers can purchase the latest in lightweight aviation: the SkyRunner. This combination aircraft and off-road buggy features a 1.0-liter EcoBoost direct injection turbo engine with excellent fuel economy, allowing the driver to travel over 500 miles on the ground or 200 nautical miles in the air. SkyRunner markets itself as the ideal vehicle for rough terrain adventures, especially in areas previously unreachable using traditional modes of transportation.


In flight mode, the SkyRunner coasts through the air with paraglider wing technology. Getting off the ground is simple, quick, and comfortable, thanks to the engine suspension system. Simply shift to aviation mode, and you will be flying above the treeline in no time flat. If the engine or wings happen to fail while in flight, the vehicle is simply floated to the ground using the paraglider or reserve chute. The SkyRunner developers are currently seeking light sports aircraft certification for their contraption.

Not just fun: SkyRunner can deliver supplies

While SkyRunner may sound like the ultimate man-toy, it also has other potentially lifesaving uses, such as delivering food, supplies, and medical assistant to hard-to-reach areas during natural disasters and the like, making it cool and helpful at the same time.

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