The Jeep Mud Mask Alleviates Adventure Withdrawal

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Don’t be that guy with your glistening Jeep sleeping on the driveway. To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, the Jeep Mud Mask is an upscale, well-designed 375 ml can of dirt – just add water, twigs, leaves and splatter that concoction across your front grill, your cloths, and your face to show friends you’ve been busy slinging mud all day, and not slinging paperclips with Bob in accounting.

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Apparently, many Jeep owners suffer from the consequences of urban existence. Limited to only 75 cans, the Jeep Mud Mask looks to help the suffers longing for adventure. Well played, Jeep.

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jeep-mud-maskJeep-Mud-Mask Jeep-Mud-Mask

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