2015 BMW M4 Coupe Concept

BMW just unveiled their M4 Concept Coupe and a production-spec M4 is expected to come to market in early 2014 with a $60,000+ US price tag.

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After four long generations of experiencing the two-door BMW M3, it is now time to say goodbye; the appellation will, from this point on, be withdrawn and given to the BMW’s compact four-door sports sedan. The two-door M3, of 28 years, is history. Now is the time to say, “Hello!” to the next new concept from BMW.  Welcome Concept M4 Coupe. It is the high-performance choice that is based on BMW’s new 4-series.


Hurry Up and Wait…

As the concept becomes a reality and we wait for the final product, let’s take a moment to understand and get a broader view of the Concept M4 Coupe. The concept overall gives us a very good indication of what we can expect from the production version.

Exterior Styling

The exterior is a pleasantly eminent view in comparison to the standard 4-series. Its front fascia is an apparent contentious evolution of former M GmbH chief designer Ulf Weidhase’s prior-generation jet-engine look. The fender vents are a simple hint at how this change shows the stature and has grown into something more. This impressive feature is even more impressive as the M4 is seen at its profile view. The character line extends from this feature and continues upward into the shoulder line. These lines work quite well with the trunk lid that shows off the large and in charge spoiler.

Found in its true to form style, the Concept M4 includes very visible carbon-fiber components as the front splitter, the rear diffuser, and the entire roof. The concept M4 even includes four exhaust pipes that are covered in the same lightweight weave as the other features; this peaked a lot of people’s interest and has become a bit of a trend.

Another trend that comes from within the M Series and most current with Gen M5 and M6, the Concept M4’s grille shows the features of double-barred vertical slats; with this trend is supposed to somehow give the visual connection to the 20-inch twin-spoke aluminum wheels.


No one but the creators of the Concept M4 know what the interior will look like but many auto consumers and enthusiasts expect it to be a more sporty evolution of the lesser 4-series’ interior looks with a small three-spoke steering wheel, an M-specified instrumentation, and well established sports seats.

As for the specs, that is also left to our imaginations but it is suspected that it will be powered by a heavily upgraded variation of the 435i’s turbocharged N55 3.0-liter straight-six engine and has the potential to be made up to 450 horsepower. It is rightfully assumed that the engine will most likely be fitted with two turbochargers and the power will be channeled primarily to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Along with that we are also assuming and hope to see lofty redline in the proximity of 7000 rpm.

The production-spec M4 is expected to come to market in early 2014 at a sticker price of $60,000-plus.

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