5 Small New Awesome Things That Won’t Take Up Space in Your Car

This week combines a little bit of everything, from the Bronxton Roll Up leather case and Alfa Romeo inspired Straton Vintage Driver Chrono for the motorheads, to the BioLite BaseCamp Stove and Kole Thermal Flask for the outdoors. Plus, a rollup keyboard by LG fit for the glovebox for pretty much everyone.

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1. Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case

Anyone who’s tried knows: carrying a bunch of metal tools loose in a pack results in a clamoring mess. The Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case was created to organize your carry, taming a bunch of your gear thanks to 7 slots that adjust to fit their contents: in fact, the same strap that holds them in place secures the roll shut using a brass or silver button and varyingly-spaced eyelets. Else, it’s made of premium Horween leather coupled with a suede strap, features flaps to protect its contents from rubbing against each other when rolled, and looks fantastic carrying anything from cables, watches, tools, or whatever else that fits.

Find it on Kickstarter – US$69

2. Straton Vintage Driver Chrono

Inspired by the tachometer on Alfa Romeo’s Alfetta GT, the 44mm Straton Vintage Driver Chrono boasts easy to read two-digit minute and second markers complemented by a needle-like seconds hands and prominent green luminescent coating to keep read the time past dusk. Powering the watch is Seiko’s VK63 Mecha-Quartz hybrid movement which pairs both quartz for timekeeping and a 5 beats-per-second sweep mechanical chronograph with fly-back reset for an ideal mix of practicality and fun. Else, it’s made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, sports a sapphire crystal, is water resistant to 10ATM (100m), and comes in a wide range of color and strap combinations.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly US$250

3. BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Half the fun of camping is pigging out on all sorts of delicious grub. BioLite’s BaseCamp Stove makes off-the-grid cooking and grilling easier than ever: find a bunch of fallen branches or small twigs, shove them in the stove, and let BioLite’s fan stoke and feed oxygen to the inferno like manual methods never could, resulting in sufficiently hot flames to prepare most anything, all without the smoke. BaseCamp also sports a large cooking surface that fits up to 8 burgers at once, a grill-to-boil lever to optimize the flame to the task at hand, a flexible USB light for nighttime visibility, plus an ash tray for keeping the site clean. And, like all BioLite stoves, the BaseCamp generates thermoelectric energy using remnant heat, recharging your smartphone, camera, or other USB-enabled devices.

Grab one at Amazon – US$300

4. Kole Thermal Flask

Flask meets Thermos meets premium materials, the Kole Thermal Flask is as practical a way to carry around a few shots of liquor or espresso. Instead of the typical flattened shape, Kole bears a unique cylindrical design made of a stainless steel core surrounded by genuine oak, the former hand polished and the latter sealed with several coats of lacquer for a stunning finish. Its cap also doubles as a cup, making for a classier image over drinking straight from the flask, and each Kole includes a stainless steel funnel for easy, mess-free filling.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $78

5. LG Rolly Keyboard

Portable keyboards are all based on the same concepts, folding in half or quarts to shrink in footprint. The LG Rolly Keyboard employs a drastically different tactic, instead rolling into an easy-to-carry stick that hides away in a pack or briefcase. Rolly runs for months on a single AAA and boasts a comfortable 17mm key pitch that nearly matches the size of keys on full-sized keyboards, dual pairing to connect to two Bluetooth devices and switch between them with a key press, plus a fold-out device stand capable of handling 10-inch tablets (or smaller).

Coming in September. Learn more at LG Newsroom – $TBA [via]


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