5 Winter Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast this Holiday Season

Car Enthusiasts Need Gifts — Winter Gifts. We Pick 5 Products To Get You Started.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time again to contemplate what gift to get that techy gearhead in your life. Fortunately, TractionLife.com has found some of the newest tools and gadgets that will put a smile on any enthusiasts face. From a portable jump starter to a dehumidifier for your car, here is our 2014 holiday wish list.

• NOCO Genius Boost GB30 ($159.99)


Ever been left out in the cold due to a dead car battery? It’s not pleasant. Even if you haven’t, the NOCO Genius Boost ensures you don’t need to worry about it happening any time soon. This lithium-ion jump starter can bring a dead 12-volt battery back to life in a few seconds (up to 20 times when fully charged) — simply attach the positive and negative terminal wires and start the car as you normally would. Built-in safeguards prevent sparking, even if the two cable ends touch, and protect against accidental reverse polarity hook ups.

There’s also an onboard dual LED flashlight with seven settings including an SOS and emergency strobe, and it has a USB input so you can charge peripheral devices. Works with all vehicles that have up to a six-litre engine including trucks, boats, motorcycles and more.

• ZARPAX Auto Dehumidifier ($19.95)


Now that the rainy and snowy season is upon us, drivers can expect to be greeted by impossibly foggy windows more often than not. Fortunately ZARPAX comes to the rescue with a dehumidifier designed for use in automobiles. The small pillow-shaped tool sucks in moisture from the interior and prevents fogging, mildew and musty odours.

When the water-retention pouch inside is full, a Smart Dot Indicator on the front turns from blue to pink telling the owner it needs to be dried out. Just toss the dehumidifier in the microwave for six minutes and it’s good to go again.

• Powerbuilt Billy Club Universal Lug Wrench ($34.99)


When you’re trying to remove stubborn lug nuts while changing a wheel, leverage is key. That’s why the Billy Club by Powerbuilt comes in so handy. The socket drive head is adjustable and can slide along the shaft of the wrench, so position it near one of the ends when you need maximum power to break loose a tight bolt, and then move it to the centre to quickly spin it off.

Comes with two universal double-sided lug nut sockets (SAE and metric) that work with virtually all passenger cars and a socket extension for deeper dished wheels. Unscrew the tops on either handle and the accessories fit inside for easy transport.

• Body Guard Deluxe ($24.50)


It’s bound to happen sooner or later: you open the trunk or hatch, lean in to put something in, and then look down at your pants or jacket that are now covered in dirt from brushing up against the rear bumper. That wouldn’t have happened if the Body Guard Deluxe was installed in your car. A simple roll-up vinyl canvas measuring 30 by 30 inches, it attaches via Velcro to the rear cargo area and unravels when needed to act as a shield between you and winter grime. 

The Body Guard is washable, lightweight and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

• Power Bank Hand Warmer ($39.99)


Winters can get cold up here in Canada, and sometimes you just want to keep your hands from freezing after you step out of the house or car. The Power Bank Hand Warmer does just that by heating up to two temperature settings — 42 C or 47 C — so you can keep your paws toasty for up to three and a half hours on a full charge. Comes with a USB adapter allowing for a quick top-up of your cellphone on the go as well, and you can plug the unit into your vehicle to recharge in-between trips.

Benjamin Yong is a freelance writer and member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. You can find his stories on this site and in other publications including RPM Canada, Westworld BC, CAA Magazine and Darpan Magazine.