6 Best Motoring Inspired Watches We Would Buy Right Now

At some point, you’ll need a proper (grownup) timepiece wrapped around your wrist. To narrow down your search with something a bit more specific and noteworthy, go for a watch inspired by the curvy classic racers of the 50s to more contemporary designs from the world of motors today. Brands like Porsche Design and Autodromo, to name a couple, are drawing all sorts of inspiration from vehicles with form, function, and a whole lot of style.

Best watches the past two years

Over the years, we’ve featured a bunch of motor inspired watches worthy of any list. But here, we’ve picked 6 pieces over the past two years in particular, including 3 from this year alone — from the chunkier, stealthier Carbon Renegade to the more classic Vic Elford Prototipo Chronograph (and if you’re into Diver timepieces, check out this one from Seiko).

However you chop it up, you’re going to eventually need a real watch. Here’s 6 motoring inspired watches to get you started.

Click the photos below to learn more about each one and view more shots.

1. Carbon Renegade Watch

Featured: August 2017

The Carbon Renegade Watch: Racing-Inspired with Comfort and Luxury Styling

2. Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2

Featured: July 2017

Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2: The New $925 Smartwatch

3. The Singer Track1 Chronograph

Featured: July 2017

The $41,000 Singer Track1 Chronograph

4. Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

Featured: December 2015

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Timepiece: Paying Homage to Racing in the 50s

5. The Autodromo Group B Automatic

Featured: November 2015

Autodromo Group B Automatic Watch: pays homage to the last romantic era of motorsports

6. Vic Elford Prototipo Chronograph

Featured: April 2015

The Vic Elford Prototipo Chronograph by Autodromo: Made to Reflect the Times


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