Autodromo’s ‘Grand Prix’ Monoposto Watch

Produced as a Limited Edition, the Monoposto by Autodromo is a one of a kind watch. Only 500 pieces produced, with 250 Black dials and 250 silver dials, each piece has been individually numbered and comes presented in a numbered collector’s box.

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The Monoposto, meaning “single seat,” was created to remember a simpler era of Grand Prix racing. This was the era when the only information each driver had was found in a few oversized dials; and located in the seat of his pants. Times sure have changed but in this golden age, things were much less technical than they are in today’s time. In that time, since there were no rev limiters or electronic aides to keep the drivers from blowing up their engines, the mechanics would apply a strip of red tape or a red line of paint on the face of the rev counter; this little “helper” would assure the driver knew where his engine’s limit was with a simple glance.

Autodromo pays respect to this mindful practice with their own red line crystal. The full grain is hand crafted Italian leather strap and a polished roller buckle are the inspirational touch that comes from the hood straps that kept the car’s bonnet in place while going at high speeds.

Autodromo's 'Grand Prix' Monoposto WatchAutodromo's 'Grand Prix' Monoposto Watch

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