2014 Toyota FT 86 Concept Profile

Unveiling the Features of 2014 Toyota FT 86 Open Concept

One of Toyota’s latest concepts is the FT 86 Open Concept. The Japanese automaker has been working hard in order to provide a well-designed car that will be able to meet the expectations of its clients. With all the advancements in technology, automakers’ ability to create such imaginative and compelling ‘future cars’ pushes the limits of design.

Features focused towards elegant performance

One of the things that 2014 Toyota FT 86 open concept wants to introduce is the concept of elegant performance. The interior and exterior of the car is designed with a combination of bright white and navy blue. The carpet of the car is created perfectly with golden yellow finishing. The color combination alone can tell you that Toyota is heading for the manufacturing of another sports car in another level. 

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One of the best features of FT-86 open concept is the electronic-controlled roof-top. The concept of this car is focused on giving the clients a glance at the possibility of using a vehicle without harming nature. You can drive anywhere with the thought that you are living hand and hand with nature.

2014 Toyota FT 86 Concept

Comparing this vehicle to the Toyota GT-86, the format of the seats are still the same. The roof of 2014 Toyota FT 86 Open Concept is created with layers of rear glass. You do not have to worry if you are thinking about the effect of the roof to the back part when you are going to stow it down. The roof will not affect the size of the luggage when it is going to be pulled down. There is enough space for it.

Design concept evolves

One of the key elements for creating this 2014 Toyota FT 86 open concept is to bring solutions to the usual problems that clients are facing with their cars. One of the things that they want to solve is the problem of rigidity when it comes to opening the door. With this, Toyota wants to create frameless doors. This may sound ambitious and impossible, but the concept that they are creating can be the best host for these changes.

Assessment is done continually in order to make this 4, 240 mm long and 1, 775 mm car perfect. They want to create a car that is easy to manage. Toyota wants to explore the possibility of creating a car that is complete with dynamic ability. Sports cars are all made in order to give options to the clients who are looking forward to having one that has the best features. With this concept, Toyota is trying to explore more areas that will surely increase the level of driving pleasure. If you are a client who is looking forward to having a car that can offer extreme convenience, you will surely love to check every single improvement that was made for 2014 Toyota FT 86 open concept.

2014 Toyota FT 86 Concept2014 Toyota FT 86 Concept 2014 Toyota FT 86 Concept

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