Gear Friday: Top 5, Week 1

 June 5, 2015

We kickoff our Gear series with some adventure flavour. This week, including the smart Otium SoftRack roof rack, the 31 lbs Oru Coast Origami Kayak (won’t need the rack for this one), the handsome Town 30 Emissary Camera Bag to house your 35mm, the KeyBiner multi-tool key holder, and if you’ve got the space (and 16 GoPros kicking around) the GoPro 360° Camera Array.




:: Otium SoftRack Roof Rack

We appreciate the ability to easily transport kayaks, skis, snowboards, and the like on the roof of our car. But we also appreciate the aerodynamics of a bare roof when we don’t need to. The Otium SoftRack Roof Rack sets up and comes down in just two minutes, installing on any vehicle from a Mini to a Minivan using a single strap per rack. Each Otium is made up of a foam block encased in weatherproof canvas and also boasts non-slip, non-scuff RubberTek that keeps them gripping the roof of your vehicle, not to mention their payload. Nine security loops across the top of each helps find just the right fit to hold your equipment firmly in place through highway speeds and adverse weather alike.

Otium SoftRack Roof Rack


oru coast kayak

:: Oru Coast Origami Kayak

The trunk-friendly kayak is back in the Oru Coast Origami Kayak, this time bigger and specifically engineered for rough waters and longer expeditions. The 16 foot Coast weighs in at a paltry 31 pounds and unfolds from its box in under 10 minutes, making it far easier to transport or store by any measure compared to traditional rigid kayaks. Straps and clips along its length open from bow to stern for packing in tons of gear for multi-day journeys, and the kayak also boasts a rugged 2 layer polypropylene construction, adjustable footrests, and a 400 lbs weight capacity. Also available is a higher end Coast+ option with ratchet buckles for easier assembly, an ergonomic seat, thigh braces, and more hatches for stashing gear.

$1775 US – MORE

Oru Coast Origami Kayak

Town 30 Emissary Camera Bag

:: Town 30 Emissary Camera Bag

The best camera is the one that’s with you, and Town 30’s Emissary Camera Bag ensures you always make the most of it. This handsome bag is equipped with features tuned specifically for photographers, including a smooth one-handed locking mechanism, a universal lens cap mount that’ll hold virtually any lens while you’re shooting, and attachable, velcro-backed pocket compartments that can be customized to tailor the carrying of memory cards, cables, batteries, hard drives, and more to your precise liking. Of course, the interior can also be customized as well to fit the camera and lenses of your choice plus a laptop. Available in two models — the smaller Burzin (shown) and the Cumbysis, each built with water-resistant materials to keep your sensitive gear safe from the elements.

$295+ US – MORE



:: KeyBiner

Carry your keys on a carabiner? Try stashing them in one with KeyBiner. This handy tool is made of stainless steel or brass hardware and presents a new spin on the classic ‘biner, equipping it with room to stash up to 14 keys that swing out when needed along two axes. It’s also got multiple key ring holes, a screwdriver, pry bar, a small file, six wrenches, a 1/4” screw bit driver, and a bottle opener.keybiner

GoPro 360° Camera Array

:: GoPro 360° Camera Array

3D content creation will soon be mainstream, at least if Google’s Jump is any indication. And the GoPro 360° Camera Array is the first hardware specifically designed for the web giant’s virtual reality ecosystem. GoPro’s Camera Array captures content using 16 GoPro cameras, all synced up and controlled simultaneously for foolproof 360 degree shooting. Once the footage recorded, Jump processes and packages it to enables easy sharing online. Of course, 16 GoPros aren’t easy to come by, nor is this rig just yet — it’s only available to a select few content creators as of now — but it’s unquestionably a sign of things to come.

GoPro 360° Camera Array


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