For the weekend: 20 tools in one with the Survival Axe Elite; the everyday Freelance shirt for the everyday dude by Batch; and air-conditioned cooler (finally) by Ryobi; and hit the road and the sack with the TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stands.

weekend essentials Survival Axe Elite

Survival Axe Elite

Ever experienced a situation where you think you need one tool — and it turns out you need several? End all that rummaging through your rucksack or toolkit with the tough, rugged and handy Survival Axe Elite.

How is it possible that one device can cram 20 tools — yes, 20 — into one design? And how is it possible that this tool retails for under $100? It starts with the carbon steel body — lightweight and yet durable, molded into the perfect multi-tool for nearly any situation. Crucially, a ridiculously high-quality sawzall blade is among the 20 tools — a heck of a deal when you consider its capabilities.

It features different textures on different parts of the tool to provide optimal grip, and with its USA-made construction and handsome leather sheath for safekeeping, you’ve got a tool that’s absolutely able to take on anything — from spring yard work to your next outdoor adventure. [via]

Learn more – Survival Axe Elite – $80US

weekend essentials Batch Freelancer Shirt

Batch Freelancer Shirt

As flexible and versatile as you, Batch’s Freelancer Shirt is particularly well suited in taking you from your desk to enjoying a night out afterwards, and everywhere in between. While its utility roots and dual expanding chest pockets lend the shirt a rugged masculinity, its refined fit and soft, 100% cotton fabric are closer to what you’d find in a fine dress shirt to ensure you look always presentable. The finer details are also perfect to a T considering it’s handmade in limited batches of, at most, twenty shirts, and include a collar that’s meant to be kept open, rugged seams all-around, and mother-of-pearl buttons. Comes in a variety of colors including a lightweight Pinpoint Oxford in Flint Grey and Heritage Blue perfect for the summer ahead. [via]

Learn more – Batch – $82US

weekend essentials Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler

Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler

The Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler doesn’t just keep its contents cool: it’ll can keep you feeling refreshed in the dead of summer, too. By default it functions like a passive 50 quart cooler with an oversized handle, large wheels for trailing along, and a storage compartment for valuables. But it can also double as an air conditioner, cooling the surrounding air using the ice inside. Since it’s Ryobi it’ll also runs off of one of their battery packs for a minimum of four hours, though if you’ve got a bigger one than the P102 it comes with feel free to swap it in for even more cooling longevity. [via]

Learn more – Home Depot – $200US

weekend essentials TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stands

TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stands

If you’re looking for an intimate couples getaway, you won’t find much better than the middle of nowhere in a rooftop getaway on your car or truck. We’ve seen plenty of rooftop setups for camping or storage, but nothing like the TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stands. As the name implies, TrailNest built a clever folding system of bars and supports that mounts to the roof of your vehicle and unfolds to become a single or double set of integrated hammock stands. As the company says, the world’s first hammock stands are “a little crazy, but once you experience it… you’ll get it.” We’re inclined to agree. Each individual hammock stand has a 250lb capacity and is designed to work with the existing roof bars of your vehicle along with on the ground, so you’ll never have difficulty finding the ideal campsite ever again. The company also has flooring panels and a telescoping aluminum ladder for easy access, along with plans to develop an easy to use rainfly system to keep you covered while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. [via]

Learn more – TrailNest – $349+US


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