We find four new things that’ll make your next trip that much better. From a pair of comfortable, durable straight leg jeans and a rugged, super-duty coffer maker to sticky tape that will serve you well when needed to a tent that floats on water and who has never wanted a tent that floats on water, are we right?


1. Defender-Flex Straight Jean: All-day comfort

A good pair off jeans offer that causal look with the added benefit of comfort — a good thing for those longer journeys pinned to the driver’s seat. The Defender-Flex Straight Jean by 5.11 Tactical takes this to another level.

Featuring 5-pocket styling with two hip pockets in the back, the Defender-Flex provides a handy place to store those small things like a phone and tactical knives. Made of cotton and polyester, this pair comes with a double-needle construction to give it strength which is further made durable by the bar tacks located in high-stress sections of the jeans. Forgot to bring your belt? No worries, these pants include a fitted waistband.

adventure tape

2. Adventure Tape: Say good-bye to duct tape

MacGyver taught us the power of the almighty duct tape, and we we’ll never argue with Young Angus “Mac” MacGyver. But this Adventure Tape may just dethrone the trusty tape we’ve grown to love. It’s made from a uniquely formulated polyurethane and comes in 3 thicknesses — it can bind, repair, seal, lash and secure, but unlike the silver stuff, Adventure Tape is not adhesive. 

End of the day, it’s the perfect rescue solution when the unexpected happens to your gear at the worst time and location. Makes sense to us.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign.

shoal tent

3. Shoal Tent: Sleep under the stars

Not only can you swim in the water during the day and sleep on it at night, the Shoal Tent just needs to be setup once. That means, you got it, more time to swim. Or sleep.

From the group at SmithFly — a US fly fishing company started in 2010 — this floater is part raft, part tent, made with a 6-inch thick, high pressure inflated floor and a waterproof tent topper. Gone are poles; the Shoal Tent stays up with inflatable chambers and the sides attach to the base with hook and loop closure. Bonus, the tubes inflate to 3 PSI and the drop stitched floor inflates to 10 PSI.

Oxx Coffeeboxx

4. Oxx Coffeeboxx: Ultimate Java Machine

Probably the most rugged coffer maker, that we’ve seen anyhow. Built for construction sites to camp sites off the beaten path, the Oxx Coffeeboxx is a super heavy duty, crush-proof product with a chassis that can take up to 1500 pounds of force. If making coffee in your car isn’t an option, this weather resistant, dustproof, and leak proof java machine might do the trick for your next road trip.


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