Our last Gear for the Road piece of 2017 includes a slick watch paired to the popular Tread multi-tool strap by Leatherman, the TrailKey beer growler for cold, carbonated ale for on the go (like, when you’re not driving), and the KeyKlip key organizer that’s slim, stylish, and super functional.

leatherman TREAD TEMPO

Leatherman Tread Tempo: A multi-tool watch on the go

We did a full review of the innovative Tread bracelet by Leatherman a couple years back – a multi-tool strap incorporating various tools for survival and everyday tasks…like cracking open a beer. Now, they’ve gone a step further adding a sleek Swiss-made watch to the mix. Wearing the Tread bracelet itself for daily use felt odd (unless you’re outdoors all day every day), but combining all 30 utility tools with a watch adds style – and of course, the time. Water resistant up to 200m, a 5-year battery, an adjustable clasp to 1/8”, and date/time functions with 3 luminescent hands, the Tread Tempo looks sharp and cuts sharp. We had to.

US$449.95 – More at Tread Tempo

trailkey black 64oz

TrailKeg: Cold ale on the go

You’ve been driving all day. Now you’re at your destination and it’s time to chill out. That’s right – it’s time for a cold beer, or two. That’s where the TrailKey comes in: a growler that’ll store 64 ounces of the good stuff and keep it cold for 24 hours. Featuring a lid with a chrome tap paired to a C02 regulator, the TrailKey will keep the your cold gold carbonated for 7 days. And if you’ve got a Hydroflask, Reduce, Lifeline or other barrel style growlers, the TrailKeg Lid Package turns them into a pressurized version. Cold beer for a day and perfectly carbonated for a week – yeah, that works for us.

US$99 – More at TrailKeg

trailkey black package

keyklip black and gold

KeyKlip: Keep your keys in order

With a slim design and holding up to 10 of your keys, the KeyKlip by KeyDisc is maybe the most functional little organizer we’ve seen yet. Small enough to slip into your pocket and doubling as a bottle opener, this smart little device works with a keyring, keychain, lanyard, and car keys. And will attach to your pocket or belt with the integrated carabiner. Best part – it’s easy to assemble with no need for hardware (a coin from your centre console will do), and expands to store more keys with the available custom Extenders.

US$19.99 – More at KeyDisc



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