3 New Things for Petrolheads: Lego Batmobile, Grovemade Keyring, and the Exploride

We find 3 new things any motor fiend will appreciate, including the Exploride, a tool for safer & smarter way to use maps, listen to music, call, text or access infotainment in your car; the compact stainless steel Grovemade Keyring; and the coolest Lego product for motorheads since the recent F40 – the Lego Dark Knight Tumbler.


Squinting to see your smartphone’s relatively small display while driving isn’t particularly safe. Exploride ameliorates access to many of your phone’s features using gesture-recognition and a 6″ heads-up display for turn-by-turn GPS directions, music controls, notifications, and apps, keeping your eyes where they should be — on the road — all the while. It even includes a built-in dash-cam to capture the events of your drive, just in case, and an OBD II adapter for pulling diagnostic data straight from your car’s computer.

Check it out at Indiegogo – US$270


Grovemade Keyring

Grovemade’s Keyring diverges from the brand’s usual range of wood-built tech accessories, but it’s no less gorgeous. The compact stainless steel keychain can firmly secure your keys to a belt loop and, more importantly, sports a built-in bottle opener for cracking open an import in seconds. Also included is a stainless steel braided cable that takes the place of typically rigid keyrings. Available in black oxide, stainless steel, or brass. Priced at US$39.

Lego Dark Knight Tumbler

Amongst the most notable film-bound vehicles in recent years, Dark Knight’s Tumbler has finally made it to Lego form, ending our string of sad attempts at recreating it ourselves. This 15-inch long model is surprisingly well detailed, down to the adjustable top wings, intricate interior, and large, custom rubber-treaded front wheels. It also includes both Batman and Joker mini-figurines amongst its 1869 pieces. Just don’t get carried away and try to punch it through drywall – we have a feeling it’s a little less resilient than Bruce’s. Available in September in line with Comic-Con. Check it out at Lego – US$200


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