Gear Friday: Top 5, Week 2

This week we showcase the Roccbox portable pizza oven, the new GoPro Hero with an LCD, the not-your-average Enevu Cube light, the casual yet versatile Taylor Stitch Standard Issue Slim Chino, and the Spyderco Squarehead Folder knife as the tool of choice. 


When we think pizza ovens, portability isn’t the first trait that comes to mind. And yet Roccbox manages to pack a full-blown stone floored oven — capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza in about a minute and a half — in a compact, relatively portable form that’s wrapped in a high heat silicone shell. Roccbox’s gas burner hits temperatures of 500° Celsius (932° F) in just 15 minutes and retains it thanks to its space-age insulating jacket and stone floor, the latter fitted with an integrated thermometer for consistency. Alternately, it can be fuelled by burning wood, and can cook or bake just about anything, from desserts to meats to pizza. Priced at around $550 US.


GoPro-Hero-LCDGoPro Hero+ LCD

Sitting somewhere between the Hero and the Hero4 Silver in their lineup, GoPro’s new Hero+ LCD is still plenty capable while coming in at a touch more affordable than the latter. As its name suggests, the Hero+ LCD most notably features a large, built-in touchscreen LCD that facilitates setup & framing and shoots 1080p video at 60fps and 8 megapixel photos at up to 5fps. It’s also built directly into a ruggedized waterproof housing (to 131 feet) and is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, letting your smartphone double as a smart remote, as a live video viewer, and to trim, edit, and share videos socially from just about anywhere. Priced at $300 US.

Taylor-Stitch-Standard-Issue-Slim-Chino-980x600Taylor Stitch Standard Issue Slim Chino

Khaki chinos are quickly becoming indispensable in today’s menswear landscape for the blend of versatile, dressy-casual style they provide. The right pair — slim but not too slim, durable but with enough give to move around in — is tricky to find. Taylor Stitch’s Standard Issue Slim Chino is American-made from a special 9.5 oz brushed Spanish twill, a custom fabric that manages to combine rugged style and softness in one tailored package. Vintage San Francisco map designs printed on the interior pockets add a pleasant design touch to a pair of pants that should get better, and even more wearable, with age. Sells for $98 US.

enevu-cube-lightEnevu Cube

Not your average flashlight, the Enevu Cube is still incredibly versatile, albeit in a different way. The Cube’s single LED is contained within a (predictably) cube-shaped design and is capable of changing colors for mood lighting. If you need a flashlight, it can output up to 100 lumens of powerful white light and boasts a removable diffusor for versatility, easily lighting up the inside of a tent where it operates as a tiny lantern. It’s also splashproof to IPX4 standards, includes a small pop-out hook that also doubles as a kickstand, and lasts between 11 to 100 hours on three AAA batteries depending on brightness setting. Grab one for $30 US.

Spyderco-Squarehead-FolderSpyderco Squarehead Folder

The bigger, more capable (and squarer) brother of the unique Dog Tag Folder, Spyderco’s Squarehead Folder is still plenty lightweight (1.1 ounces), thin, and compact. This Darriel Caston-designed knife features a square-shaped sheepfoot blade machined of CPM S30V stainless steel, its single sided flat chisel grind letting it rest against the titanium handle safely when folded. Else, the Squarehead also boasts a Round Hole in the blade for one-handed opening, a handsome stonewashed finish, and a liner lock-like mechanism to block the knife from closing when in use. Sells for $130 US.

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