Janus Tool Roll: Invented out of the Necessity & Designed for Durability

Every motorcycle rider knows the benefit of having a good tool roll. Invented out of the necessity of having a tool kit that you can store easily Janus Motorcycles has taken the classic tool roll and put their own spin on it. 

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Designed for Durability

The Janus Tool Roll is made from Martexin Gridwax, which is designed so that the leather string that wraps around the roll to close it can be worn as a belt as well. This Martexin Gridwax is the same material Janus Motorcycles uses to build its seats and saddlebags making it an incredibly durable material.

Reinforced To Last Forever

All stress points of the Janus Tool Roll are reinforced with hand-hammered copper rivets so it is the ideal tool for mechanics, craftsman, and even those who just like to tinker. Coming in burgundy or black leather each tool roll is custom made to order. It comes with enough pockets to store as many tools as you need and looks amazing with its stainless steel features.

While many modern motorcycles don’t normally breakdown like ones made before the 90s, a tool roll is always a great tool to have in case the unexpected happens. Hit up the Janus shop, these sell for US$95.


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