Best Watches for Men Inspired by the Track, Fast Cars, and Motorcycles

Here’s our ongoing list of the best watches for men inspired by gasoline culture and the world of motors — from motorcycles to race cars.

Like any designer, watchmakers need inspiration. From the curves of a classic motorcycle to the intricacies of a high-powered car motor, if you’re a petrolhead shopping for a new timepiece, check out these best watches for men, according to our tastes. 

The watches featured here include the Monoposto, produced as a Limited Edition, one of a kind watch. Only 500 pieces produced, with 250 Black dials and 250 silver dials, each piece has been individually numbered and comes presented in a numbered collector’s box.

The Contatempo Scuderia Dashboard Collection watch for those who value unique piece of artwork. Pictured above, Tag Heuer’s racing-inspired Carrera collection has long been a fan favorite. The new edition to the popular series, the Drive Timer, is sure to pique the interest of all those who love both quality timepieces and motorsports. If your favorite Italian sports car could be packaged into a wristwatch, it would be the CT Scuderia Master Time Automatic.

For the first time ever, ContaTempo Scuderia has created a timepiece with automatic movements. From the elegant interchangeable straps made from fine Italian leather to the hand-finished stopwatch horns.

Finally, know for their high-end bold and vibrant timepieces, Lapizta offers luxury watches infusing elements of extreme sports with luxury design. The latest timepiece, the Accentor, no curve is too sharp, no distance too far, and no goal too high. Within the brake pad bezel lays a chronograph mechanism and a brilliantly designed dial using motorcycle-inspired elements. With its affinity for accurate timekeeping, the Lapizta Accentor takes control of heart pumping and adrenaline driven lifestyles.

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A quick gallery of the best watches for any dude, whether you like cars or not:

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