5 New Sunglasses To Keep on your Road Trip Radar

For many, leaving the house without their pair of shades is like forgetting to wear underwear – you just don’t do it. So here, we’ve picked 5 pretty decent pair of sunglasses from the more sophisticated wire Randolph Engineering Concordes to the denim fit Mosevic Solid Denim and Canvas Eyewear.

Keep these 5 new pair of sunglasses on the shortlist

Randolph-Engineering-Concorde-SunglassesRandolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses

The shades you want shielding your eyes this summer have a little more history than you might think. Started in 1972 by two Polish immigrants, Randolph Engineering quickly grew from a parts & machinery supplier feeding the thriving U.S. optical manufacturing industry to the military’s prime sunglasses contractor in just a decade. The shades exploded onto the commercial market in the years thereafter, and the quality of a pair of Randolph Engineering Sunglasses — made in the U.S.A — still make them an option for military members today. The fashion-forward yet classic Concorde Flash Lens series combines sharp looks and durability with an attractive price — everything you could want from a pair of specs in one stylish package.


SlapSee-SunglassesSlapSee Sunglasses

Our wrists still sting at the thought of the slap bracelets of yesteryear, and now they’re back, albeit integrated into SlapSee Sunglasses. These casual specs feature a hinge at their nose-bridge to fold in half, aligning their silicone-coated slap bracelet-like arms that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, bike frame, or anything else that’s suitable. Else, they come in four colors (black, red, pink, and blue) and boast 100% UV blocking lenses, useful when they’re actually on your face.


solid-denim-sunglasses-mosevicMosevic Solid Denim Sunglasses

Metal. Acetate. Wood. And now denim. But the latest material to be built into a pair of sunglasses isn’t merely a veneer. Mosevic’s Solid Denim Sunglasses use denim in every layer throughout their frames, the typically flexible fabric having been infused with resin for structural rigidity and then stacked by hand in the UK as part of the brand’s unique manufacturing process. The number of layers in the arms tapers from 4 to 3 towards the tips for optimal flex, which are also held on the frames using sturdy 5 barrel library hinges. Their range includes the Wayfarer-like Cassini, the squarer Celsius, and the Kepler (shown), each available in one of three color schemes and fitted with one of two polarized Carl Zeiss Vision lenses.


canvas-eyewearCanvas Custom Sunglasses

If choosing between a handful of color options doesn’t satisfy your inner need to personalize your stuff, chances are that Canvas’ Custom Sunglasses will. Canvas’ specs are of the wayfarer variety, but unlike most manufacturers, they’re customizable to a T, allowing you to choose from an extensive library of color-customizable patterns or to simply upload your own, which is then permanently imaged onto each custom pair. Affordability, simple screw- and spring-less locking hinges, and CR-39 lenses with UV400 protection are just icing on the cake.


Palo-Wooden-SunglassesPalo Wood Sunglasses

Why do we like wood in our gear? First of all it’s light, sustainable, natural, plus no two pieces are exactly alike. Palo Wood Sunglasses couple handcrafted hardwood frames with high-end Polaroid lenses, polarization optional. Every part is crafted from one solid piece of natural wood for durability, coated with a sealant for water resistance, and held together by stainless steel spring hinges.


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