Oru Kayak Beach Foldable Kayak: Good-Bye Roof Racks

UPDATE: The Beach is now replaced by the Beach LT

To date, the Oru Kayak Beach Foldable Kayak is not the company’s first folding watercraft but it’s the lightest and most user-friendly (replaced by the Beach LT).

With the casual kayaker in mind, the Beach provides added stability with its 28-inch width, a shorter assembly time of only three minutes, plus a large open cockpit making in-and-out access that much easier.

Folding into a handy briefcase-sized container that’ll stow in the back of that compact car with no issues, when hitting the water the Beach adds a comfortable, adjustable foam seat so there’s no compromise in comfort.

For their latest products, hit up the Oru Kayak site.

Oru Kayak Beach Foldable Kayak top-view
photo: Jam Media
Oru Kayak Beach Foldable Kayak box
photo: Jam Media


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