Stowaway Portable Roof Rack: Smaller than a Shoebox & Carries Everything

A portable car roof rack for active urbanites with smaller vehicles

For most drivers using their cars as a means of commuting, roof racks are seldom useful. If you fall into that group, throw a Stowaway Portable Roof Rack in your trunk and forget about it. When you need it, Stowaway sets up over your car in a couple of minutes without the need for tools, instead attaching by way of durable nylon straps that wrap around your roof or trunk.

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Once set up the rack features orange anti-slip rubber pads up top for gripping larger items like boxes or plywood. It’s also got several slots for narrower items like skis and snowboards and has both threaded inserts and a variety of strap pass-throughs to let it hold a variety of weirdly-shaped objects. Available in two versions: a two-block Duo that’s good for the aforementioned narrow items (as well as surfboards, 2x4s, thin kayaks, etc) and a four-block Quad that’s wider for everything else. Learn more at Kickstarter – US$50+.


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