Tornado Ejector Seat Recliner by Hangar 54

tornado-ejector-seat-recliner$13,000 Ejection Seat for your Office

When it comes to interesting furniture, the Tornado Ejector Seat Recliner by Hangar 54 is for the most part without rival. Hangar 54 is a company that creates high end aviation-related furniture of excellent quality. Much of their work specifically tailored for individual clients, but occasionally something like this is created independently of any commission or contract.

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This seat is built from an actual fighter jet’s parts; they are essentially repurposed ejector seats from a Martin Baker MK10 jet. Due to the nature of their creation, a very limited number of models exist. Each costs over $13,000, but if money is no object, few seats can compare to these in terms of aesthetic and conversational value. After extracting the seats, they were reduced to their basic frames and given a more comfortable leather seat and a sturdy base to stand on. The frames were sand-blasted for smoothness and coated in chrome plating for visual appeal. The Tornado Ejector Seat Recliner is by no means the first piece of furniture which this company has repurposed from a retired aircraft, but it is perhaps one of their finest.



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