Ford acts fast expanding off-road Sasquatch Package to 7-speed manual Bronco models

It was the right thing to do

Ford’s high-performance off-road Sasquatch Package originally reserved for higher trim Broncos is now extended to tall 7-speed manual transmission trims on four-door and two-door models  — all thanks to relentless consumer feedback. 

Turns out, potential Bronco customers with a penchant for hitting the dirt (and advocating #savethemanuals) really wanted this upgrade for non-automatic models. And for good reason.

Frankly, it only makes sense for a proper off-road SUV blessed with a stick shift to ramp up off-road capability. So obvious, in fact, we’re pretty sure Ford would have moved forward on this anyways.

Capability is always a priority, and pairing Sasquatch with a manual transmission and available advanced 4×4 system gives it a maximum crawl ratio of 94.75:1, providing even more off-road capability across the line-up.

Dave Pericak, Ford icons global director

Regardless, it didn’t take long for Ford to answer the calls, saying “Our team moved quickly to add Sasquatch with a manual transmission – another example of our focus on giving customers the best possible off-road vehicles and accessories that we can.”

With the package — available sometime late 2021 months following the Bronco’s official Spring 2021 release date — Ford is claiming the Sasquatch-equipped model will be the only 4×4 with a 7-speed manual and 35-inch off-road tires in its class.

Bronco Sasquatch Package: here’s what to expect

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Aside from the great name, Sasquatch upgrade includes 4 main features:

35-inch Goodyear mud-terrain tires mounted to 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels

High-clearance suspension with a nearly two-inch wider track

Dana front and rear electronic locking axles with 4.7:1 final drive ratio

Position-sensitive Bilstein shocks and wider fender flares

All Bronco Wildtrak and First Edition models receive the package as standard, while optional on all other models including Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond Outer Banks, and Badlands.

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