Canvas & Leather Tool Roll by Niyona

Niyona helps Mechanics Work in Style

More often than not this tool-roll that has been used by artisans and engineers of days gone by has been making another appearance as of late. It has been rediscovered, if you will, by mechanics who are just starting out and custom biker builders; along with owners of vintage motorcycles that require a wrenching every couple hundred miles. It is rather convenient for those who are always on the go and need to keep certain tools with them at all times.

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With all the tools you have for those pesky problems that always seem to come from out of nowhere, this leather and canvas tool-roll is designed for you. It comes with a small bag that can be zipped shut, making it very useful for carrying the smaller things like sockets, rags or other items that won’t go into a wrench compartment.

This handmade canvas and leather tool bag not only helps you stay prepared for whatever may come your way, but you will be doing it in fantastic style too! You can utilize both bags separately or put them together, roll them up and you will be ready to go. Learn more at the NIYONA website.

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