Chrome Gives Unused Car Airbags a New Life

Unused Airbags with a New Purpose

Most airbags spend their lives in hiding, unless the unthinkable happens. Well, Chrome has given old, unused airbags a new purpose with their creatively original Citizen Salvage Airbag Messenger Bags.


Dyed gray for aesthetic purposes, this limited edition of 200 is ready for whatever you can throw at it – after all, airbags handle microexplosions all the time, so why not the subway or airport? Fun features include the quick-release seatbelt buckle strap with bottle opener for those drinking emergencies, as well as a unique crash test label complete with lot number.

Safety first is the motto here, with reflective straps for night time travel. From its black straps and closures to truck-tarpaulin liner, this bag looks, feels, and probably even smells industrial – a very cool accessory for guys who can do without the traditional briefcase or backpack.

Unfortunately, the limited edition of bags is already sold out online, but you may be able to pick one up at a Chrome hub or on Ebay – but expect to pay more than the already steep $180.

Good news, though: Chrome seems to enjoy repurposing materials, so maybe you can pick up another uniquely made product from them in the future. If not, they also have a lot of other bags with a very similar look. Check out more at

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