CT Scuderia Master Time Automatic: Inspired by Racing


If your favorite Italian sports car could be packaged into a wristwatch, it would be the CT Scuderia Master Time Automatic.

For the first time ever, ContaTempo Scuderia has created a timepiece with automatic movements, and the result is truly stunning. From the elegant interchangeable straps made from fine Italian leather to the hand finished stopwatch horns, the Master Time Automatic is a masterpiece within itself.

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Each Master Time Automatic features a Swiss automatic chronograph, and the face can even be separated from the straps for the hottest freestanding stopwatch available. The only thing as impressive as the front of this watch is its flipside, which is enameled in the colors of the Italian flag and shows the intricacies of the watch’s inner workings. This elegant piece is classic and traditional, while still remaining fresh and suitable to every style of dress.

The design for the CT Scuderia Master Time Automatic was inspired by vintage cafe Italian motorcycle racing and a desire to depart from the mainstream modern movement in favor of something individual and unique. The Master Time Automatic, with its rose gold-plated case, definitely stands out from the crowd, making it the perfect gift for any stylish modern man.


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