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How to Clay Bar: 6 Easy Steps for a Properly Waxed Car

Mention a clay bar to most non-car folk, and they will probably stare back at you blankly. A staple for detailing shops and enthusiasts...

Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth It & Why Are they More Expensive?

Hybrid cars have gained popularity but are they worth it? We look at the pros & cons and why they cost more than their gas-powered siblings.

When Buying a Luxury Pre-Owned Vehicle Keep 3 Things in Mind

Buying a used luxury vehicle has pros & cons. 3 things to consider include premium car depreciation, value & volume, and reliability issues.

How to Buy a Used Car Without Stressing Out

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is less stressful with proper online research for issues, finding solutions, and help from car makers directly & bulletins.

Sunroof vs Moonroof: What’s the Difference & What Types Are There?

Sunroof & moonroof are often used interchangeably. But there are some differences & 3 different types on the market today. We explain.

Taking Your Vehicle Out of Winter Storage: 7 Spring Tuneup Tips to Follow

Snow is melting and it's time to take your car out of winter storage. But spring car maintenance is in order - follow these 7 simple tips.

Store Your Car for Winter Like a Pro: 10 Tips

The temperature is dropping & it's time to bust out the winter beater. First, follow these 10 pro tips to prep your vehicle for storage.

2018 Detroit Auto Show: The Big Debuts

We hit the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) media day to see what's good. Here's what I found.

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