Gear Friday: Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2015

Our five Father’s Day gift ideas for the man that matters

We try to keep it somewhat motor-related in our Gear section, but Father’s Day is an exception. Here are five cool Father’s Day gift ideas for the guy responsible for your existence, including the GolferPal Easy Pal for the links, the Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series for his hygiene, the Baron Shave Kit to keep his face in check, the new Kindle Paperwhite reader for the road, and the Mercedes-Benz Home Battery to ensure his gear is powered up.

GolferPal EasyPal

GolferPal-EasyPalEnjoying a day on the green naturally entails renting a golf cart or fussing with push trolley, that is unless your definition of leisure involves lugging around a heavy golf bag by hand. The GolferPal EasyPal makes the latter a more pleasant experience thanks to its push-button power folding mechanism, which unfolds the cart from its trunk-friendly size in roughly 10 seconds. It’s also equipped with a cup holder, tee and ball holders, a card holder, a storage box, and four large 10.75″ wheels that tackle most terrain and even hills with ease. And if its rechargeable battery — which lasts for about 30 folds/unfold cycles per charge — runs out, it’s still useable, folding or unfolding with the flip of two quick release levers.

$220 US – GolferPal 

Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series

Carlsberg-Beer-Beauty-SeriesAs it turns out, the prime ingredients of Carlsberg’s lager, including barley, hops, and yeast, are actually packed with B vitamins and silicium. And since they purportedly enhance both skin and hair, it only made sense that the Danish beer maker attempt to pierce the men’s beauty market with the Carlsberg Beer Beauty Series. The set includes a shampoo, collagen-rich conditioner, and body lotion, the production of each started with about a pint of Carlsberg beer that’s freeze-dried into a power before being blended in with organic ingredients.

$72 US approx

Baron Shave Kit

Baron-Shave-KitBetween overpriced cartridges and an uninteresting shaving experience, there are plenty of reasons to try wet shaving. And the Baron Shave Kit is a good place to start. Baron consists of a durable matte-black stainless steel razor with both open and closed combs plus a premium synthetic fiber brush that quickly whips up a thick lather. The kit also includes a unique travel case to hold the former, shaving soap, and a pack of razors, and comes apart to double as a low-footprint stand and soap dish. Plus on top of offering a smoother shave, replacement blades cost just a fraction of the price you’re currently paying.

$75 US – Kickstarter 

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle-PaperwhiteWith a 300 ppi high-res display putting down laser sharp text and the same comfortable front-lighting, Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite is undoubtedly the best e-reader for the price. The new model also brings the exclusive Bookerly font to Kindle, designed specifically for digital reading, along with a selection of typesetting improvements to better replicate the customized feel and layout presented in real, physical books. And like all e-ink powered Kindles, it lasts for up to six weeks on a single charge and weighs less than a paperback, comfortably holding in one hand.

$120+ US – Amazon

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

Mercedes-Benz-Home-BatteryIt started with Tesla’s Powerwall, and now Mercedes-Benz is also getting ready to sell you a home battery. Daimler’s unit packs 2.5 kWh of energy versus Tesla’s 7, hopefully making up for it with a lower price point (so far unannounced). The battery can buffer energy use in solar powered homes or to circumvent the grid’s higher prices during peak hours, daisy chains in combinations of up to 8 units for higher-demand settings, and also comes in more flexible commercial versions with much higher capacities.



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