GEAR Seat Cover by US-Based Smittybilt

The ultimate seat cover for the adventurer and off-roader

Smittybilt, the US based idol of many an off-road fan and builder of all things muddy has released the new GEAR Seat Cover for the off-roader that needs just a little extra storage. This tactical looking seat cover features various sized removable pouches all down the back of the seat, with one on either side and in the front of the seat as well.

It looks a bit over the top, but let’s face it, when you are upside down in a jeep you just managed to tump over, you might want your cell phone in that handy pouch right on the front of the seat to get your buddy to bring his truck and wench.

Being an off-road manufacturer of just about everything, Smittybilt knows that when you are bouncing around in the mud all those little things that are nice to have on hand when you need them tend to end up in the most random of places.

This GEAR Seat Cover keeps everything easy to find no matter how much bouncing or rolling you do in your toy. These durable seat covers retail for about $149.99 from any of Smittybilts authorized retailers.

GEAR Seat Cover GEAR Seat Cover-storage

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